All over the place…

One of the best things about researching family history, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, are all the different amazing periods of history you get to visit!  All different walks of life and areas of the world.  You can be in the workhouse one minute and a grand house the next!

Its amazing all the different details you discover!


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Well the latest is….

Finally found out that Annie and her Uncle/husband (dodgy !) owned a hotel in Kirkdale Liverpool called The Royal Alhambra Hotel – it may just have been a pub when the owned it in 1911 though.


Useful Genealogy Facts

Birth, marriage and death certificates

  • Since 1837, every birth, marriage and death in England and Wales had to be registered
  • Certificates began in Scotland in 1855, and most of Ireland in 1864
  • However, it took several decades for compliance to reach 100%
  • Parish registers in local archives have records of births, marriages and deaths before 1837


Census records can also be a way of checking data, or discovering previously unknown relatives. A census has been taken every ten years since 1801 with the exception of 1941

Record Sheets 

BBC Family History record sheets


Reasons to marry your Uncle?!!?

Having delved a bit further I have discovered via a census document that the Uncle, William, was rather rich. Perhaps this is why Annie decided to marry him?!

The marriage to Annie, Williams sisters daughter, was his second marriage.  According to census data during the time that they were married they lived in a large house with 3 servants.

Annie was 10 years younger than William but died before him aged 66.

Marry your Uncle?

Here’s a photo of the relative of mine who married her own Uncle!


Her name was Annie, she looks like a pretty girl, so no idea why she decided to marry her Uncle – I sadly don’t have a photo of him.  They had 5 children together, only 3 of them lived and one of those was blind. 

Down the line

All sorts of interesting discoveries popping up in my own family history.  This week I have discovered incest!!!  Thankfully not in my direct blood line!

A lady who chose to marry and have children with her mothers brother.  They had five children, two of which died and one who was born blind.

Whatever next!!